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Vevoo LLC
Greenwood IN
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At Vevoo, we develop Spy puzzles for kids ages 3-8. These are giant search-and-find floor puzzles, where the kids find the hidden objects in the images after putting the puzzles together. Spy puzzles are designed to promote cognitive development and improve focus and concentration skills in kids. We started off with a mission to create fun and inspiring learning experiences for children. But today, our commitment at Vevoo has evolved to encompass a broader objective: crafting products that are not only free from toxins but also beneficial for both children and the environment. What's more inspiring is that our puzzles have found a home in autism schools, aiding therapy sessions.

Spy puzzles make for splendid Christmas presents, especially well-suited for young learners in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school. These intriguing floor puzzles also extend their charm as thoughtful gifts for homeschooling toddlers and those in special education, offering engaging challenges that cater to diverse learning needs and abilities.

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$4 Off on Vevoo Spy Puzzles with Flashcards and Magnifying Glass! Get, Set, Spy with Vevoo Spy Puzzles!

New Products

Solar System Spy Puzzle
Underwater Spy Puzzle
Alphabet Spy Puzzle
Number Spy Puzzle

Certifications & Awards

CPSC, ASTM Certified

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