62 Oak Lane
Beech Creek PA
Booth: 160

Company Description:

We are excited to present to you our all-purpose and waterproof fire starters! QuickSurvive fire starters are food safe and burn for up to 10 minutes (at over a whopping 750 degrees!) —making them perfect for a fire pit, wood stove, fireplace, survival kit, and cooking with charcoal. Come check out our free live demo! These fire starters make the PERFECT gift for the outdoorsy family, the barbecuing enthusiasts, even just the person you can’t think of what to get— get them the “gift of fire!”

Show Specials:

We will be offering show specials and bundles. Also, of course you get free stuff with the more you buy! (We will let you pick from a variety of our products!)

New Products

50 pack and 12 pack of QuickSurvive fire starters, Waterproof flint strikers, Torches, Survival bracelet (paracord, flint starter and compass built in), 62-in-1 survival bag, Fire and Knife resistant gloves.

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