Lakeside Farms Cicero, LLC

Lakeside Farms Cicero, LLC
Cicero IN
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Company Description:

Lakeside Farms Cicero is an apiary and small-batch artisanal candle company that crafts the highest quality candles with an emphasis on custom blended fragrances.

Lakeside Farms Cicero is committed to exceptional quality products that are clean and non-toxic. Each Lakeside Farm Cicero candle is hand-poured using a custom formulated proprietary blend of our own beeswax with coconut wax and other natural waxes.
Our products are infused with phthalate free premium custom curated oil blends and our candles are finished off with a wooden wick that is ethically sourced from Forest Stewardship Council Certified Mills in the USA.

Natural Wax Blend:
We use a proprietary blend of natural waxes such as coconut and apricot along with our own beeswax in every candle and wax tart. We do not use paraffin in our candles. Paraffin is made as a byproduct of fossil fuel production and tends to produce more toxic fumes and soot than the natural vegetable waxes like coconut or soy.
Coconuts are hand harvested and do not require pesticides or fertilizer. We found that coconut wax is more sustainable than soy. Coconut wax is cooler burning so your candles last a bit longer. One thing to note is that coconut wax is very soft and has a lower melting point than other waxes, therefore our candles and tarts don't do well being stored in very hot environments, such as in the back of your car or in a garage in the summer.
Because we include our own beeswax in our candles and tarts, they are not vegan. However, we do not 'harvest' our wax from honeycomb. It takes an incredible amount of energy for our bees to produce wax. We only utilize the wax caps that are removed when harvesting honey and any burr comb built up outside of the frames. We then clean and filter the wax it so it is ready for use in candles.

Custom Fragrances:
We only use phthalate free premium fragrance oils in our products. Our fragrances are custom blended by Amy and contain resins, essential oils, absolutes, and safe synthetic molecules. Because our scents are blended in our Cicero workshop, you will not find these exact scents anywhere else! We know you will appreciate these complex and unique scent combinations!

Wooden Wicks:
Our sustainable wooden wicks add to the unique character of our candles. These wicks create a fast burn pool so that scents fill your room better than cotton wicks would. These will not mushroom and produce soot like many non-wood wicks can. Our wooden wicks create a soft crackling sound that is very pleasing when burning your candle. Our wicks are sustainably sourced and manufactured right here in the USA and are made from sappy fruit trees sourced only from mills which are FSC certified.

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New Products

You will love our custom blended fragrances! We now carry lotion with goat's milk, hand soap, eau de parfum sprays, and perfume oil rollers in our most popular personal fragrances.

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