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Joanna's Premium Tonic Syrups

Joanna's Premium Tonic Syrups
1374 Elm Avenue
Booth: 519

Company Description:

Reinventing the Gin & Tonic!
Made using fresh citrus juices, spices and botanicals, and the original source of quinine, cinchona bark. Not only do Joanna's Tonic Syrups pair well with gin, they also pair with whisky, bourbon, tequila, mezcal, rum, aperol, sparkling wine, etc. Mocktails without liquor are also a common use. Joanna's Tonic Syrups are a low cost gift that is well received and fun to crack open with family or friends and mix together on a holiday or any day.

New Products

New to the Holiday Boutique, Original Tonic Syrup, Orange Fennel Tonic Syrup

Certifications & Awards

2022-2023 Iowa Food Processing License

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