International Wholesale Concepts

International Wholesale Concepts
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Think of the feeling of freshness and the breaths of fresh air that seem endless right before it rains or near a waterfall. Those phenomena are caused by negative ions in the air, and we help you take advantage of that biochemical process with our bracelets. Negative Ion therapy is now a hot topic in the science world. This therapy has been known to help alleviate the symptoms of depression, asthma, and reduce blood pressure and heart rate by assisting with blood flow and circulation. It has been known to improve the body by assisting in strength, balance, and flexibility. The mental benefits include a boost in focus and mental clarity due to the boost in blood flow and circulation the brain experiences. When wearing our bracelets, you experience these benefits due to continuous exposure to healthy negative ions through the elements we have embedded in our bracelets.

We offer our bracelets in stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten. We infuse each of our bracelets with germanium, tourmaline, and far infrared.


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