Food Network's Worst Cook In America Joel “Goober” Alvarado

Food Network's Worst Cook In America Joel “Goober” Alvarado
Indianapolis IN
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Joel Alvarado is a Hoosier at heart. At a young age Joel’s vocal talents were discovered when he was selected to sing backup on tour with Dennis Deyoung, of the band Styx, during Deyoung’s solo tour. After, Deyoung gave “fatherly” advise and encouragement, Joel made his way to Los Angeles, California. His career has led him to work in development of some of televisions most outrageous personalities from VH1, OXYGEN, MTV, truTV, and E! Network to name a few.

Casting and film production are a true passion for Joel. He loves to discover people’s creative talents. He has appeared in TV and movies throughout the years. Joel Alvarado is the modern day "Goober Pyle" due to his role in the movie “Mayberry Man”, based on the classic tv show, "The Andy Griffith Show". You can now follow Joel on Instagram at theofficialgoober

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