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Art and Home co.
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Trafalgar IN
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Company Description:

Hi! I’m Jess.

I’m a watercolor artist and homemaker living in the midwest with my wonderful husband, Josh, and our sweet baby boy, Jameson.

Creativity has kept me joyful and inspired over the years. My first watercolor course in college was plein-air painting at the farmer’s market in Indianapolis, at the vast gardens at Newfields, and at greenhouses around the city. I’m drawn to the organic shapes of nature and to the feeling it gives me.

To me, artwork offers so much more than just making a space looks pretty. It’s a way to embrace cultivating a place of restoration and of comfort—a way to make our homes more about that feeling of safety and less about simply decorating a place.

When I’m not working in my studio, I am learning and growing in the art of homemaking. I’m slowing down, baking my own bread and goods, making my son laugh, and learning new skills to better our home. Every day I find new ways to be creative—whether that’s through making a hearty dinner or designing a new painting. I believe we have all been given this gift to create and to cultivate our daily environments.

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Hand-painted Christmas ornaments, watercolor landscape paintings, Indiana art print and stickers.


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