Alex And Andy

Alex And Andy
P.O. Box 902
Plainfield IN
Booth: 460

Company Description:

Alex And Andy sells pet products with a purpose! Alex And Andy was started in December of 2020 to help Andy, who suffered a severe stroke, by giving him a purpose again throughout his stroke recovery. The name Alex And Andy comes from Andy and his dog Alex who Sophie, Andy's niece (the founder of Alex And Andy), fostered while Andy recovered. Alex And Andy sells reversible slide on the collar pet bandanas and tie on bandanas, slide on the collar bow ties, matching accessories to twin with your pet, shirts designed and drawn left handed by Andy (he was right handed before the paralysis), leggings, and more!

Sophie launched the story of Alex And Andy on TikTok in December of 2020, immediately going viral for their mission and products, now being known by millions of people across the world. Just under two years later, they are in 13 countries and every state in the US, have been on three news channels, have filmed and starred in a documentary series, have been featured in many media outlets and social media channels, and have gone viral around the world for their mission and business.

Their story has touched the hearts and homes of thousands of people across the world and they hope to be a part of your shopping experience this winter!

New Products

Reversible slide on the collar pet bandanas, Reversible tie on pet bandanas, Slide on the collar bow ties, Matching accessories to twin with your pet, Shirts designed left handed by Andy (he was right handed before the stroke and is now left handed).

Certifications & Awards

WRTV Jefferson Award For Multiplying Good Winner Recipient. We were on Channel 6, Channel 13, and Channel 59. We were on a documentary series. We have been featured in Modern Dog Magazine, Happiest, and many other outlets.

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