Cherie Lowe, the Queen of Free, picked the best of the best and must-have gifts from this year’s show!

‘Tis the season to begin thinking about gift giving. And of course the Gift + Hobby Show gives you an opportunity to launch into your holiday shopping experience. Gifts both whimsical and practical can be found in every aisle. When you peruse the aisles this year, don’t miss a few of my favorite things perfect for that special someone on your list (or maybe just a little treat for yourself).

1) Mozza & Ricotta Cheesemaking Kit

Life is better with cheese! For the foodie on your holiday gift list, the Mozza & Ricotta Cheesemaking Kit from Cheesemaker is the absolute best fit this year. The kit features enough ingredients to make 40 batches (read: 40 pounds of cheese, glorious cheese). And it only takes an hour to whip up a batch. Just add your own animal milk to the mix and let the delicious fun begin. Priced at $45, the ingredients last up to five years, so you’ll be able to save money on your favorite cheeses in the long run!

2) Vinyl Collector Clocks

Shake, rattle, and roll right on over to artisan Judy Hick’s booth to hit the right note with music lovers on your shopping list. Discover a one of a kind personalized gift that keeps the time. With a wide variety of designs pulled from movies, sports, hobbies, of course music, and more, Judy’s Vinyl Collector Clocks are cut out of vinyl albums and feature “wicked cool” graphics all for $39.

3) DIY Terrarium Kits

During the long winter months, it’s good to see something grow. And what better to watch than a DIY Terrarium Kit from Abby’s Garden Parties. For $30, you receive a pot, special cactus soil blend, and a scoop. Next, choose the plant and accessories to go in your kit from Abby’s large selection. Give a one-of-a-kind gift certain to outlast holiday trappings.

4) Keepsake Christmas Ornaments

Want to give a gift that the recipient can enjoy every holiday season? Head to OwlMingoDesigns, LLC to find a variety of handcrafted, layered, and engraved on maple MDF ornaments. Featuring memorial ornaments, those that mark childhood milestones, Indiana speciality ornaments, and a few that made me giggle, you’ll find options from $12-30.

5) Olive Wood Musical Nativity

At the heart of the Christmas story is the nativity. Bethlehem Crafts features handmade musical nativity sets. Made from olive wood in Bethlehem, the place of Jesus’ birth, this lovely decoration is certain to become a treasure for families. When you turn the star clockwise, the Christmas classic “Silent Night” plays. Priced at $65, this nativity will likely become a part of Christmas celebrations for decades to come.

Each aisle of the Gift + Hobby Show always invites shoppers into a Winter Wonderland of gift giving and home value options. I’m certain you’ll discover a number of your own favorite things, too. I can’t wait to hear what you find!

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